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Mental Resilience@Work Quest

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Strengthen your Mental Resilience@Work and unleash your highest potential in this LinkedIn course with top mental coach Daniel Zavrel, based on 25 plus years of working with high performers. During the coming 100 days you will be inspired and challenged to significantly grow your mental resilience for ideal performance in your work and life.

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Winning Gold in your work

This Mental Resilience @ Work Quest is intended to increase the mental strength and mental resilience of professionals.

Top athletes who do mental training win significantly more medals compared to athletes who don’t.

The same applies to managers,  other professionals in organizations, therapists and entrepreneurs: making yourself mentally stronger is a guarantee for better performance in your work and life.

This Mental Resilience @ Work Quest teaches you to become a “Mental Powerhouse” by becoming more mentally resilient.

Building Mental Resilience

Building mental resilience in a crazy and utterly fast paced world  is a critical factor for attaining succes and high performance in your work and life.

But what exactly is mental resilience and how to build and boost it?

Mental resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.

Whether it be the stack of e-mails to be answered after a day off, delivering an important presentation, handling the traffic to your work, targets and deadlines to be reached, etc: without strong mental resilience you will be less equipped with the right ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ properly to the situations and tasks at hand and execute them with full power and focus.

This Mental Resilience @ Work Quest is based on the Mental Power training developed by the Dutch Police Academy, which has successfully trained 40,000 police officers, 10,000 detectives and 10,000 Police staff in this method over the past 7 years where Daniel Zavrel was part of the team of Mental Power trainers.

A 1oo day challenge in a hidden LinkedIn Group

In this ‘Mental Resilience@Work Quest’ you will receive assignments, tips, insights and videos in every 2 days for your step by step personal growth process in strengthening your Mental Resilience and this during the coming 100 days (slightly more than 3 months).

When you subscribe for the Mental Resilience@Work Quest you become a member of a hidden LinkedIn group and then you will start to receive a new LinkedIn Post with  theory, inspiration and assignments every other day during the mentioned 100 days

Learning in this Mental Resilience@Work Quest is mainly based on videos with application of the proven ‘micro learning’ approach: bite-sized chunks of information with a study load of between 3 and a maximum of 15 minutes per day for a more extended period (100 days). This is one of the most effective ways of learning because you will literally, gradually, change the neural pathways in your brain in a positive way so that you REALLY become more mentally resilient.

Strengthen your mental shield

You can learn to strenghten your ‘mental shield’ and build your mental resilience step by step and learn to bring yourself more often, and quicker, in the ‘ideal performance state’ for succesfully executing important tasks in your work to unleash your highest potential in your job.

Your Mental Toolbox® with 6 mental tools, the learning goals of this Mental Resilience @ Work Quest

In this Mental Resilience @ Work Quest Daniel Zavrel will provide you with a powerful model for mental resilience and with a ‘mental toolbox’ with 6 proven mental tools to build your mental resilience:

  1. Set clear and inspiring goals for your work.
  2. Apply science based visualisation to strongly enhance succesful execution of important tasks in your work by putting the neural    pathways in your brain in place.
  3. Manage your energy, not your time, and become more vital with the ‘REASONS’ approach (Rest, Exercise, Alcohol, Smoking, Order &  Rhythm, Nutrition and (Electro) Smog). And reduce your stress with, on average, 40% by learning how to quickly get into a state of flow for optimal performance in ‘moments of truth’ by applying an evidence based stress regulation technique that is used by top performers in organisations, top sporters, the Police and the Navy Seals.
  4. Think again: transform negative, not helping thoughts (‘weak talk’) at the spot into positive, helping thoughts (‘strong talk’) to realise the desired outcomes of your worktasks.
  5. Become a master of your attention and develop a laser focused mind for realising your (dream) goals with the ‘6 circles of attention’.
  6. Grow 50% faster in your personal effectivenes then your co workers and competitors by applying an intelligent yet simple proven form of ‘action reflection’.
Who will benefit from participate in this Mental Resilience @ Work Quest?

Professionals that are eager to make a jump in the quality of their work performance by consciously and intentionally using mental skills to bring themselves in the ideal performance state for executing their work tasks and who are ambitious to unleash more and more of their potential in their career and life will benefit greatly from participating in this Mental Resilience @ Work Quest.

Whether your a lawyer, accountant, consultant, therapist, manager, director, or anything else doesn’t matter: when you want to invest in your mental resilience to perfom better, have more confidence, have more energy, more focus and be more productive than this course is yours.



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